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Retul Bicycle Fit Services

T-Town Bicycles is one of the premier bike fit destinations in the country. Our staff includes five Specialized Body Geometry Fit Specialists (three of which are Master Body Geometry fitters), and two Retul Bicycle Fit Specialists. Our fit specialists have also been trained in the Serotta Advanced Bicycle Fitting method, Slowtwitch FIST Triathlon Specific fit, and Retul Custom Footbed forming . When you combine this training with our experience fitting thousands of riders over the years - from casual cyclists to professional racers - you can rest assured that your fit will be top notch.

We offer two types of cycling position adjustment - Bicycle Sizing and Retul Bicycle Fit. Sometimes the terms sizing and fitting are used interchangeably, but they are distinctly different services. You can think of them in these terms - a Bike Sizing is similar to buying a suit or dress off the rack and doing some minor alterations. A Retul Fit is like having a suit or dress custom tailored to your body.

In addition to the fit services above, we offer Retul Custom Footbeds. Retul Custom Footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance and comfort through a precise, custom-level of hip, knee and foot alignment. Consider them a fast and easy way to take your performance to the highest possible level.

A Bicycle Sizing consists of evaluating your position on the bike by setting proper saddle height, fore and aft saddle placement, and proper reach to the handlebars. We’ll also perform a sit bone measurement to ensure that you are using the correct saddle width. A Bicycle Sizing generally takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll need your bicycle, cycling shoes, and riding gear.

A Retul Bicycle Fit includes all aspects of a Bicycle Sizing, but it’s a more in-depth process. We’ll perform a pre-fit assessment that covers your cycling goals, injury history, range of motion, foot structure, and joint movement. This assessment allows us to get an idea of a bicycle position that will optimize your comfort and performance. Once you’re on the bike, we’ll evaluate your pedal stroke from the front, side, and rear utilizing Retul Motion Capture to maximize joint alignment and power transfer. We’ll also evaluate cleat position, handlebar height, handlebar width, and reach in multiple hand positions. A Retul Fit takes about three hours, and you’ll need your bicycle, cycling shoes, and riding gear.

Because we want you to have our undivided attention during the Bicycle Sizing and Retul Fit process, we offer these services by appointment only. All Retul Fits are performed at our Brookside location. Appointments available Monday-Friday at 10am and 2pm.

Please call 918-749-7563 to schedule your appointment.

The Retul FIT process

  1. Pre-fit interview - Every fit, whether it's for a novice or experienced cyclist starts with a brief interview with our trained technician that addresses your needs, goals and injury history.
  2. Flexibility assessment - This evaluation provides an accurate picture of your flexibility and other physical attributes, including assessment of foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion and leg length, among others.
  3. Side view - This is a riding-position assessment using your side view on the bike. The goal is to find the correct neutral position that's both efficient and comfortable by adjusting the seat, handlebars, stem and cleats.
  4. Front view - Analysis from a front view to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for optimum efficiency and balanced power delivery. This includes analysis of the pedal and shoe placement and how squarely you sit on the seat.
  5. Follow-up - After a week or so, the technician calls to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments and to answer any other questions or concerns you may have.
  6. Benefits of a Retul Bicycle Fitting

  • We're trained in muscle and skeletal anatomy related to the motion of cycling, common aches and pains associated with cycling, and the corrections necessary to address these issues.
  • We assess your pedal stroke and can install BG footbeds, Retul Custom Footbeds, and varus/valgus wedges to properly align your feet/knees/hips for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • We can help you ride longer, faster, happier, and healthier so you gain the get the most from your cycling.
  • With our fitting experience, tools and unique Specialized Body Geometry bicycles and equipment, we can recommend adjustments and products that solve even unique challenges in flexibility, comfort, injuries and power output.
  • Body Geometry seats, gloves, shoes and more

    Everyone’s body is unique and it’s impossible to perfectly fit every person with the same components. That’s why we offer Specialized's excellent Body Geometry seats, gloves and shoes that ensure the greatest comfort and complement your body and bike fit perfectly.

BG seats have been developed with ergonomics expert Dr. Roger Minkow, M.D. They use custom shapes, cutaways and multi-density padding to eliminate pressure and maximize your comfort and pedaling efficiency. There are also Specialized Body Geometry shorts for additional comfort.

BG gloves were designed with the help of Dr. Minkow too. They feature a unique pad system that relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve for top comfort no matter how far you ride. Specialized also offers multi-density grips and handlebar tapes that work together with their BG gloves to maximize your comfort.

BG shoes have been developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. BG shoes use built-in ergonomic features like varus wedges, longitudinal arches, sized footbeds and metatarsal buttons for amazing pedaling efficiency and comfort.

If you'd like to learn more about our fittings and/or have us fit you with our Retul Fit System, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to fitting you soon!